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  Vergleichs Tabelle von allen Quadrokopter Projekten

Einen Vergleich aller derzeit bekannten verfügbaren quadrocopters Projekte . DIY, Open-Source und kommerziellen quadrocopters (manchmal auch als UAVs, quadrotors oder multicopters genannt).

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  Teleoperated Visual Inspection and Surveillance with Unmanned Ground and Aerial Vehicles

This paper introduces our robotic system named
UGAV (Unmanned Ground-Air Vehicle) consisting of two
semi-autonomous robot platforms, an Unmanned Ground
Vehicle (UGV) and an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).
The paper focuses on three topics of the inspection with the
combined UGV and UAV: (A) teleoperated control by
means of cell or smart phones with a new concept of
automatic configuration of the smart phone based on a RKIXML
description of the vehicle control capabilities, (B) the
camera and vision system with the focus to real time feature
extraction e.g. for the tracking of the UAV and (C) the
architecture and hardware of the UAV. (PDF)

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  Control of Quadrocopter

Autonomous flying vehicles, also referred to as AFV’s, are generally thought of as being
expensive and complicated. The consensus is that any research or development into this
area would be done exclusively by universities or the military. Unfortunately, this is not
far from the present truth.  (PDF)

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  Quadrotor Helicopter Trajectory Tracking Control

The Stanford Testbed of Autonomous Rotorcraft for Multi-Agent Control (STARMAC)
has been developed as a testbed for novel algorithms that enable autonomous operation of
aerial vehicles. This paper develops an autonomous vehicle trajectory tracking algorithm
through cluttered environments for the STARMAC platform. (PDF)

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